Honduras Travel Fin


Flextec Technology

Flextec fin technology integrates a soft, flexible centre pocket that focuses thrust as you kick. The centre pocket of the blade channels water which stabilizes the fin and allows for greater efficiency which translates to less energy wasted and maximum forward speed. FlexTech fins are made from durable, long-lasting thermoplastic.

Quick-Release Button Design
Designed For Travel
Ultra-Lightweight Design

The compact size of the Honduras fin makes it the ideal fin choice when traveling and space is an issue. Honduras are up to 35% lighter than comparable travel fins and feature an open heel design with an adjustable back heel strap and quick release buckles for a perfect fit every time. The fin also incorporates our Flextech technology; a flexible center pocket that focuses the thrust as you kick. The blade channels water stabilizing the fin, allowing for higher efficiency and letting you explore further.


  • Fits in most carry-on luggage
  • Overall length of 43 cm (17 inches)
  • Lightweight
  • Flextec Technology
  • Quick-Release Adjustment
US 4-8.5 US 9-13
EU 38-41 EU 42-46

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