Roatan Adult Mask And Snorkel Combo


Full-Dry Snorkel

Increased Peripheral Vision
Low Volume Mask
Made With Silicone

Ultra-Clear Lens

Ultra-clear tempered glass is an optical quality glass with amazing clarity and high light transmission, with almost no colour distortion. Standard tempered glass has impurities that result in a slight greenish hue that can reduce light transmission and distort colour. Standard tempered glass (float glass) lets through approximately 86% of the available light but Ultra-Clear lenses can allow up to 92% light transmittance. Ultra-Clear lenses deliver an increase in colour vibrancy and enhanced clarity. Once you go Ultra-Clear there is no going back.

The Roatan is the ultimate in lightweight frameless mask design. This full silicone mask with large single pane of glass provides a wide uninterrupted field of view as well as an enhanced lower view with its unique semi-teardrop lens design. The lens is made of our Ultra Clear tempered glass, ensuring maximum light transmission and the most natural visual experience possible.

The snorkel features a levered dry top to prevent water from entering when submerged and an extended purge valve makes for easy clearing of any water that inadvertently enters the mask. The flexible silicone connector conforms to the face reducing jaw fatigue, and the silicone mouthpiece is comfortable and long-lasting.


  • Low volume mask

  • Ultra-clear lens

  • Anti-fog coating

  • Easy adjustment buckles

  • Frameless silicone design

  • Silicone mouthpiece and straps

  • Soft silicone skirt

  • Dry snorkel system

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