Flamenco Junior Mask And Snorkel Combo

Anti-Fog Design
Junior Size Specific
Low Volume Mask
Quick-Release Button Design
Semi-Dry Snorkel

Built for fun and adventure! The Flamenco youth-specific mask and snorkel combination is the perfect first mask and snorkel for your little adventurer. The low volume design with a soft stretchy quick-release elastic head strap is incredibly comfortable for the first time adventurer. A flexible shatter-resistant semi-dry top snorkel prevents water from entering when submerged and will take a beating when thrown around at the beach or poolside. The skirt and mouthpiece are all made of silicone for the best fit and comfort, allowing for the most comfortable adventure. 


  • Junior specific

  • Low-volume mask

  • Enhanced field of view

  • Tempered glass lenses

  • Silicone mouthpiece and skirt

  • Anti-fog coating

  • Easy adjustment quick release buckles with soft elastic strap

  • Semi-dry snorkel system

  • Flexible shatter-resistant snorkel

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