Cayo Largo Mask And Dry Snorkel Combo


Full-Dry Snorkel

Made With Silicone
Tempered Glass Lens

The Cayo Largo is designed for both snorkeling and scuba diving, with large drop-tear lenses that maximize the downward field of view. The medium volume mask is comfortable to clear, and the soft nose pocket makes equalizing easy, even with gloves.

The snorkel features a dry top to prevent water from entering when submerged and a purge valve to allow for clearing of any water that inadvertently does enter. The flexible silicone connector conforms to the face reducing jaw fatigue and the silicone mouthpiece is comfortable and long-lasting. The Cayo Largo great all-around combination.


  • Drop-tear lens creates a wide field of view

  • Anti-fog coating

  • Easy adjust buckles

  • Silicone skirt & mouthpiece

  • Dry snorkel system

  • Snorkel purge valve

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