Los Cabos Mask, Snorkel And Fin Combo

Anti-Fog Design

Flextec Technology

Flextec fin technology integrates a soft, flexible centre pocket that focuses thrust as you kick. The centre pocket of the blade channels water which stabilizes the fin and allows for greater efficiency which translates to less energy wasted and maximum forward speed. FlexTech fins are made from durable, long-lasting thermoplastic.

Open Heel Design
Made With Silicone
Semi-Dry Snorkel
Tempered Glass Lens

The Los Cabos mask, snorkel & fin combo is a one-stop solution to start your snorkeling adventure. 

The mask features tempered glass dual lenses and provides a great view of the underwater world. The mask is easy to clear, and the soft nose pocket makes equalizing easy.

The snorkel features a semi-dry top to prevent water from entering when on the surface and a purge valve to make clearing water comfortable when the time comes. The flexible silicone connector conforms to the face reducing jaw fatigue, and silicone mouthpiece is comfortable and long-lasting.

The fin incorporates our Flextech technology that directs the water to focus energy and make kicking more efficient. The open heel allows for a greater range of fits and comfort, letting you explore longer.


  • Tempered glass lenses

  • Anti-fog coating

  • Easy adjust buckles

  • Semi-dry snorkel system

  • Silicone mouthpiece, skirt and headband

  • Snorkel purge valve

  • Open heel pocket fins

  • FlexTec technology fins focus effort

Fin Sizing
US 4-8.5 US 9-13
EU 38-41 EU 42-46

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